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Do you have an opinion on what Raghavan did, whether he was right or wrong? What do you think his next move should be? Comment below to express your views.

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  1. Rajeev

    Raghvan should promote Kawelramani and co into a viable political force, and till then retain the ML. By overwhelming NOTA he has gained the moral ascendancy to remain in power if not constitutional mandate. If country is political matured enough to go for NOTA, it is matured enough to give political space to Kewaramani and co or any other suitable new entrant. Once a public opinion gives a firm direction to the politics of the country, Raghvan should gracefully remove ML and go into oblivion.

  2. shabih

    Hi Rohit,
    Got your book yesterday on return from work. Really excited to see it. From that point onwards through the evening and night it was unputdownable.
    The plot was gripping till the end. The narration easy and lucid. Excellent use of the ‘poetic licence’ in the plot. For us easily relate able. Very near to reality. The story has been woven around some famous and memorable events in the recent past.
    Our congratulations for such a wonderful effort.

  3. Vasant Vihar Club Library

    We want to purchase a copy. pl advice.

  4. Karthik Krishnan

    Brilliantly written take on the sorry state of affairs of our country. The book read like something out the daily headlines that are currently the talk of the day in India except the part about Chief taking control. Makes the reader wonder if this is the only solution to ensure the growth of our country but the consequences highlighted by Chengappa also come to mind while thinking. Finally, i Beleive that the author should write the sequel to the book and outline the outcome of the NOTA and should also include the details of how the Chief overcomes the current issues plaguing our country.

    • aggi74

      Thanks for the kind words. Will certainly write a sequel soon.

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